FACERE25 Methodologies

“No organization ever created an innovation. People innovate, not companies.”

– Seth Godin, Author and Company Founder

An 18 year career in Fintech has informed FACERE25 innovation methodologies:

FACERE25 focuses on a number of key processes and deliverables for your innovation outcomes.

Fintech Curation

  • Having been an early member of two different Corporate Venture Capital groups, Dion has seen and evaluated over 500 Fintech startups. 
  • This experience has informed a process for FACERE25 to evaluate Fintechs to find the best match for your bank’s innovation programs.
  • FACERE25’s Fintech Curation matching is based on finding the best match for a bank’s business unit priorities based on team, technology and business model.

PAID (Parallel Agile Innovation Delivery)

  • FACERE25 uses agile methodologies and the latest Fintech innovation to deliver Contextual Innovation for banks.
  • Deep dive review of markets & solutions
  • Agile development methods
  • Flexible utilization of dev resources
  • Single point of accountability throughout the innovation process

Strategy Review

  • FACERE25 has seen countless innovation strategies from a variety of leading FIs across the globe.
  • FACERE25 has the ability to review your current strategy and develop a complete innovation strategy that delivers business driven results.
  • People matter in innovation and FACERE25 knows  there are a variety of ways that an organization can structure for success, we can help with that structure.

Ecosystem Engagement

  • As a long time, Silicon Valley native Lisle has been engaged with a variety of VCs, technology leaders and Fintech startups over the years and is well connected throughout the ecosystem.
  • Developing and executing a strategy for Ecosystem Engagement is a core strength for FACERE25. 

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