R&D Drives Innovation

“The lifeblood of our business is that R&D spend . . . We have to continuously create new innovation that lets people do something they didn’t think they could do the day before.”

– Steve Ballmer – Microsoft

Banks need R&D to keep pace with technology leaders

Amazon spends $20 billion per year on R&D

Apple spends $7 billion per year on R&D

Facebook spends $8 billion per year on R&D

Microsoft spends $10 billion per year on R&D

Banks spend $0on R&D


The danger in this disparity is obvious to even a casual observer. Innovation comes from R&D, R&D drives new products, new experiences and by extension customer engagement and growth. How can your bank possibly maintain its’ competitive edge without setting aside billions in R&D spend? Facere25 can show you how to use the nearly $20 billion annual fintech investment from Venture Capitalists to fund your innovation agenda.

Imagine accessing a $20B R&D budget for a fraction of the actual cost and further to the point, not risking any early startups whereby the technology might not be a fit for your bank. This is what FACERE25 can do for your legacy FI.

Yes, banks spend billions on technology, but the focus of the bank spend is on Business as Usual (BAU). This BAU spending is part of what prevents banks from investing in the future of banking. It is hard to keep the ATM network up and running and build the next great Fintech innovation. That is why FACERE25 will help your bank engage the best up and coming Fintechs for your innovation projects.

As Apple, Amazon, Facebook and others put their R&D budgets to work on Payments and other financial products, it is time for your bank to respond in kind with a plan to innovate at scale using VC funded Fintechs as the engine. This is the specialty of FACERE25 and we can design a very specific engagement for your bank to take advantage of VC backed Fintech innovations.

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