Career of Innovation

“Innovation is Knowing the CORE while challenging the NORMS.”

– Dion Lisle, FACERE25

From the Lab to the Factory

Dion Lisle is one of the only Fintech thought leaders that has been on both sides of the Legacy and Fintech divide, having been an early employee in startups and a Venture Investor for a Legacy Bank and the largest payments company in the world. It is this unique combination that allows FACERE25 to balance the needs of Legacy banks with the Agility of Fintechs.

As an early member of two different Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) teams Dion put over $30M in capital to work but more importantly developed a process to curate Fintech startups. This Fintech curation process allowed Lisle to recognize the early potential of Plaid, Feedzai and Shopkick. Understanding how to engage founders and connect their vision to a Legacy Bank’s scale and reach of customers is a key value add of an engagement with FACERE25.

Understanding startups comes from Lisle’s various experiences as an early employee in 3 different startups, one of which exited to HP for over $220M while another went IPO during the internet boom, and one sold for the technology after raising $30M. Additionally, Lisle left the comfortable confines of Citibank to start and fail in his own mobile payments’ startup called NeuPai.

Dion F. Lisle

Dion F. Lisle

Managing Director

Having spent the last 18 + years moving between startups and major FI organizations I have recognized the strengths and weaknesses of each.

FACERE25 is the outcome of my belief that both have tremendous value when they can work together.

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